Mikel Smeeth

Co-founder of Gostudy

Hi! I’m Mikel. I’m a developer with a serious love for teaching. I’ve spent the last few years teaching people to program at 2 different immersive bootcamps where I’ve helped hundreds of people become web developers. Alos, I am a passionate entrepreneur from Melbourne Australia!

Experience: 10 years

Email: [email protected]

Phone: +91 458 654 528

Diversity of Experiences

Prior to joining, James taught at The Hebrew University, the Jerusalem Institute of Management, and served in my country’s Army. Active in civic and professional affairs, Orit Most recently, I led Galvanize’s SF’s 6 month immersive program as Lead Instructor and Curriculum Director. After graduating from my class, 94% of my students went on to receive full-time developer roles.

I’ve since focused my time on bringing my classroom teaching experience to an online environment. In 2021 I launched my Web Developer Bootcamp course, which has since gone on to become one of the best selling and top rated courses on Gostudy. I was also voted Gostudy Best New Instructor of 2021.

Expertise & Skills

My Skill


I’ve spent years figuring out the “formula” to teaching technical skills in a classroom environment, and I’m really excited to finally share my expertise with you.

I can confidently say that my online courses are without a doubt the most comprehensive ones on the market.